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For performance chemicals field, we are pursuing profitable opportunities in many fields, such as organic chemicals including solvents/monomers, specialty chemicals including catalysts, raw materials for fertilizers/agricultural chemicals/pharmaceutical products, inorganic chemicals including sulfur, and oleo chemicals.
And also, we create business models that respond to user demands and build up a Supply Chain Management (SCM) System for major materials in industries including Display, Semiconductor, and all kinds of electronic materials.

Major Items

Specialty chemicals

ㆍRaw materials for Paint/Ink and pigment
ㆍCatalysts (Polymerization Catalysts)
ㆍCatalyst Raw Materials(TiCl4, MgCl2)
ㆍSupportive Catalyst (Alkyl Aluminum, MAO)
ㆍPolymerization Initiator, Cross Linking Agent (Peroxides etc.)
ㆍFatty Acid and Derivatives
ㆍPVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol)
ㆍAdditives (Slip Agent, Lubricators, Feed additives)

Inorganic Chemicals and Materials

ㆍMolten Sulfur, Sulfuric Acid, Sodium Hydro Sulfite
ㆍMelamine Foam
ㆍRaw Material for Fertilizers, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals

Solvents & Monomers

ㆍMEK, IPA, lso Butane, Pentane, MCB
ㆍMA, 2EHA, Ethyl Acrylate


ㆍNylon-6/66, POM, Poly Carbonate, PMMA, LCP, PBT etc.
ㆍSpecial resins and films

LPG Cylinder

ㆍLPG Cylinder and its parts

Electronic Materials

ㆍMain Materials related to polarizer
ㆍChemicals related to TFT LCD
ㆍPE film for Dry film


ㆍIso Phthalic Acid, etc..


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