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Business Div Telephon

The contact for business division of Marubeni Korea

Quick Location Service

Will guide you on the map the access of Marubeni Korea

Metals & Mineral Div

Marubeni has focused its efforts mainly on increasing its interest in good resources of Iron Ore, Coal, Copper and Aluminium.

Machinery Div

Machinery Team handles a wide range of machinery and equipment small and large, light and heavy for industries such as steel, automobile..

General Merchandise & Agri-Marine Products Div

In today's unsettled world of trade, it is of vital importacnce to secure needful natural resources.

Lifestyle Div

We have many different ways of business as the export & import, domestic market and inter-third country trade with domestic and foreign leading...

Energy & Chemicals Div

Our country depends on its energy resources from foreign countries more than 96.7% as of year 2003.