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Business Div Telephon

The contact for business division of Marubeni Korea

Quick Location Service

Will guide you on the map the access of Marubeni Korea

Metals & Mineral Div

Marubeni has focused its efforts mainly on increasing its interest in good resources of Iron Ore, Coal, Copper and Aluminium.

Machinery Div

Machinery Team handles a wide range of machinery and equipment small and large, light and heavy for industries such as steel, automobile..

Gen Merchandise & Foodstuff Div

In today's unsettled world of trade, it is of vital importacnce to secure needful natural resources.

Lifestyle Div

We have many different ways of business as the export & import, domestic market and inter-third country trade with domestic and foreign leading...

Energy & Chemicals Div

Our country depends on its energy resources from foreign countries more than 96.7% as of year 2003.