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Marubeni has focused its efforts mainly on increasing its interest in good resources of Iron Ore, Coal, Copper and Aluminium.
For this reason, Marubeni is enhancing the competitiveness of its existing businesses and promoting and active commitment to the acquisition of new interest.
Marubeni Korea will strive to bring greater added value to Marubeni’s capabilities as a means of further expanding trading volumes, building win-win relationships with our partners while continuing to provide the metal and mineral resources essential for economic growth to users in Korea and around the world.

Major Items

Metals & Mineral Resources for Steel-making

Iron Ore, Coal, Cokes
Ferro alloy (Molybdenum, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Silicon Chrome, Ferro Silicon, Silicon Manganese)

Non-Ferrous metals, Products and Ore

Copper Cathode, Copper products (Copper Tube, Billet, Sheet)
Zinc Concentrate, Zinc Alloy
Aluminum Ingot, Aluminium products (Aluminium billet, Aluminium Sheet)


Steel Scrap, Aluminium Scrap(Class Scrap, UBC, Wheel), Copper Scrap(Wire, Sheet, Plate)

Electronic Parts and Materials

Electronic Parts (LED, Wafer, Oil Cooler, GaN Substrate),
TARGET (Pure Metal, Alloy, Oxide)

[Marubeni Head office’s main project]

Iron Ore Project

Roy Hill Project (Australia)

Coal Mining project

ㆍHail Creek, German Creek East, Jellinbah East, Lake Vermont(QLD, Australia)
ㆍMacquarie(NSW, Australia)

Copper Mining Project

ㆍEsperanza, El Tesoro, Los Pelambres, Antucoya (Chile)

Aluminium Smelting Project

ㆍAlouette Refinary (Canada)
ㆍAlbras Refinery (Brazil)
ㆍBoyne Refinery, Portland Refinery (Australia)


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