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Marubeni Korea Corporation first opened a liaison office in Korea in 1960 and established the Seoul Branch in 1967 to launch a trade business encompassing all areas from textile to chemicals.

As sales expanded, additional offices were subsequently built in major Korean cities including Busan, helping the company consolidate its position as a general trading company operating in Korea. In accordance with the Korean government policy designed to foster a freer and more open environment for multinational firms operating in the country, the company made a fresh start as Marubeni Korea Corporation in 1995 and unified it with the Seoul branch in 1998. By converting the business into a Korean corporation, the company began raising itself as a true Korean company.

Marubeni Korea Corporation is a 100% subsidiary of its mother company, Marubeni Corporation of Japan, and has built a global network encompassing 124 overseas branch offices in 74 countries worldwide through close mutual cooperation. Currently, the company is engaged in vigorous enterprise activities to develop new businesses in such fields as metals, machinery, materials and food/beverage, textile, energy, and chemicals.

Outside Korea, the company contributes to profit enhancement for Korean companies and to the development of the Korean economy through trade with all parts of the world including China, and at home, it strives to promote positive relations with Korean firms through investment.

Marubeni Korea Corporation promises to grow as a company that makes contribution to the Korean economy as ever.